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TripAdvisor launched in 2000 and has since developed into the world's most used travel website. The original goal of the company's business model was to generate leads for hotels' websites. Today, TripAdvisor claims approximately 400 million monthly site visitors worldwide and has listed 7 million hotels in addition to restaurants and tourist attractions.

TripAdvisor is the most visited pre-transaction travel website in the world. It's the first page that has organic results that cover 99 percent of unbranded hotel related terms (hotels + destination). In 2021 TripAdvisor has reached six of ten tourists across 12 major cities all over the world, and was a major influencer in 50 percent of all hotel reservations worldwide. When you need additional reading about Tripadvisor, browse around this web-site.

In recent years, TripAdvisor has aggressively built and added non-hotel related contents to its website. The company's nonhotel segment that includes attractions, vacation rentals, and restaurants, grew 24% to $360million in 2017 revenue. TripAdvisor bought more than a dozen travel businesses which include FlipKey and Cruise Critic, as well as Viator, Cruise Critic, Cruise Critic, and Cruise Critic in 2015.

The company changed the name of its listings of attractions to TripAdvisor Experiences in the year 2016, following the trends of and Experiences offered range from cooking classes and skip-the-line access to popular places to excursions lasting several days. The variety of activities available has increased to more than 100,000 over the past two years.

Reviews can affect bookings.

A recent PhoCusWright study1 revealed the impact reviews can have on traveler's choices:

83% of respondents indicated that reviews help them pick the best hotel

80% of customers read between 6 and 12 reviews before making a booking.

53% of people won't make a booking until they read reviews

The longer time between reviews can result in higher ratings

The average TripAdvisor review score is 4.12/5.2

Studies have shown that reviews receive higher ratings over time. Why? Early guests often experience negative experiences that shock them, which is reflected in initial reviews. The average rating of an establishment tends to increase when it is receiving more reviews. Researchers believe this is due to the fact that reviews set traveler expectations. In the end, the reviews are centered around a more accurate average.3

The best method to ensure that your property is properly rated by potential guests and you is constant in collecting reviews. A negative review is less likely to impact your property if you have many reviews. Negative reviews are a great way to improve ratings and help to ensure that future ratings increase.

Reviews help businesses evolve

Reviews are a great method to assess the performance of your business. Reviews reveal the positives as well as areas that require improvement. Trends in reviews also reveal information about expectations of the guests and how to better meet them.

How to collect reviews

How can your business get more reviews? TripAdvisor offers many free tools which can aid you. Use Review Express to easily send optimized review request emails. It's better than using your own email account since it provides an automatic reminder and an extensive dashboard that monitors the effectiveness of each campaign.

Log into the Management Center and click on the Free Tools tab. There are widgets for your website and promotional tools like TripAdvisor stickers and write review business cards.

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